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Super-fast phone charger

CES: Super-fast phone charger demoed I really hope some of this tech proves viable in the future – I hate waiting to charge my phone !

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Internet to hit 3 billion users in 2015

The financial times has an interesting article about the internet having 3 billion users by 2015. Even though we constantly talking about living in a connected and global world, I find it interesting that we still have less than 50% … Continue reading

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Visualising European Air Traffic

There is hardly a time when you look up at the sky here in Manchester and not see a vapour trail from a commercial airliner. Very different to Australia. This amazing video shows 24 hours of flights in and around … Continue reading

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Lockheed Martin’s new fusion reactor can change humanity forever This is exciting news…. I wonder whether it will work out.

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Your OneDrive just got bigger | OneDrive Blog

In case you missed it (which is easy to do). If you have a Office 365 subscriptions you now have 1TB of cloud storage. And if you don’t have a subscriptions the free OneDrive storage is now 15GB instead of … Continue reading

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Migrating from Apple IOS to Google Android

I’ve recently made the switch from Apples iPhone to the Google Nexus 5 made by LG. This obviously means that I had to move from the Apple iOS eco-system to the Google Android eco-system. There were a number of reasons … Continue reading

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A history of data storage [Infographic]

This brings back some memories. I remember at university when Iomega zip drives were all the rage. All of a sudden you could store an amazing 100mb on one disk!! History of data storage  

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Import outlook contacts into gmail

Somebody asked me yesterday whether it was possible to import their outlook contacts into Gmail. Well, the answer is, yes and here’s how. 1) Open your email in outlook. 2) Save your contacts list as a CVS file 3) Open … Continue reading

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Turn mythtv recordings into mp4 files

This piece is a work in progress, but I figured I should publish it slowly as I continue to add to it, as it might help people, even though it is not quite working yet. I’ve had it working in … Continue reading

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Install Digital Now Quad Card on mythbuntu 10.10 64-bit

I found the Digital Now Quad Tuner card worked great in my mythtv server and was well worth the $199 AUD price tag. In fact, it’s probably the best tuner I have ever used with mythtv. However I did have … Continue reading

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