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Remote access to your PC/Mac – the easy way

I’ve had to help my friends, many, many times with their computer problems and I’ve used a tool for my years now that enables me to connect to their computers remotely to assist them. It’s almost impossible for the average … Continue reading

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Import outlook contacts into gmail

Somebody asked me yesterday whether it was possible to import their outlook contacts into Gmail. Well, the answer is, yes and here’s how. 1) Open your email in outlook. 2) Save your contacts list as a CVS file 3) Open … Continue reading

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Fixing mythvideo missing coverart and metadata

I’ve never managed to get mythvideo to find cover art and metadata for all of my videos, but I have discovered that a lot of it has to do with the naming of your video files. So I thought I … Continue reading

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Merge multiple mp4/m4v files

Here is a simple way to merge two mp4/m4v files into one: MP4Box -cat file1 -cat file2 -new outputfile It will go off and read the video and audio for the first file and then the second and then produce … Continue reading

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DVB-T Signal test on Linux

If you want to know if you are getting a good signal strength through your DVB tuner card, this is how to test it on linux. There is a guide here, but it’s not very descriptive. I have ubuntu, so … Continue reading

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Install Digital Now Quad Card on mythbuntu 10.10 64-bit

I found the Digital Now Quad Tuner card worked great in my mythtv server and was well worth the $199 AUD price tag. In fact, it’s probably the best tuner I have ever used with mythtv. However I did have … Continue reading

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Opensource photo stitcher – Hugin

I’ve always used Photoshop for stitching together photos for my panorama’s, however I’ve been having trouble with it lately for some unknown reason. So I went on a search through the web and found an opensource program called Hugin. So … Continue reading

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mythtv 0.22 released – finally

In case you didn’t here, mythtv 0.22 has finally been released. I’ve been waiting more than 1 year for it to be released! Check it out now

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My new iPhone 3 wish list

With all the speculation on what’s going to be in the new Apple iPhone – I thought I would sit down and brain storm out my top 8 wish list for the new iPhone (hey – why can’t I have … Continue reading

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Convert JVC TOD to MPEG Video – tod2mpeg

If you own a JVC video recorder, you may have noticed that it stores it’s videos in TOD format. This is highly annoying as it’s not very useful if you want to view it on a simply device such as … Continue reading

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