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Timelapse Video Shows Earth Rotating Around You

This is such a simple idea but so incredibly powerful. Its easy to think the universe moves around us, but its only from our limited perspective.

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Size of the Universe

Here is another great video that describes the size of our universe. [yframe url=’’]

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Star Size Comparison HD

If you have every tried to get your head around how big the universe is, than watch this video clip. Remember it doesn’t cover the huge distances between objects as well.  [yframe url=’’]

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Folate and Vitamin B to Fight Migraine

There is research coming out of Griffith university by Professor Lyn Griffiths (Griffiths working at Griffith – interesting) that suggests that folate and vitamin B can help with migraines. There always seems to be very little progress with migraine research … Continue reading

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Nukes Are Not the Best Way to Stop an Asteroid

I found this interesting article about not using nukes to blow up asteroids – just my kind of lunch time reading. It also has this awesome asteroid graphic below! Nukes Are Not the Best Way to Stop an Asteroid | … Continue reading

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