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Banjo Paterson’s birthday celebrated with a Google Doodle

Today Google celebrated Banjo Paterson’s 150th birthday with a google doodle! Happy birthday Banjo!

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Migrating from Apple IOS to Google Android

I’ve recently made the switch from Apples iPhone to the Google Nexus 5 made by LG. This obviously means that I had to move from the Apple iOS eco-system to the Google Android eco-system. There were a number of reasons … Continue reading

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A history of data storage [Infographic]

This brings back some memories. I remember at university when Iomega zip drives were all the rage. All of a sudden you could store an amazing 100mb on one disk!! History of data storage  

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My prediction for the future in 30 years time

Having a new daughter has made me think about what kind of a world she will be living in when she is my age in 30+ years times (ha ha notice I didn’t give away my age). Here are some … Continue reading

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