Remote access to your PC/Mac – the easy way

I’ve had to help my friends, many, many times with their computer problems and I’ve used a tool for my years now that enables me to connect to their computers remotely to assist them. It’s almost impossible for the average user to explain in words what is occurring, so have the ability to remotely connect and see their desktop is priceless. This works on PC and Mac.

I use a program called Team Viewer, which is free for personal use and this is how I use it.

Step 1: I send an email to the person requiring help with this link

This is a standalone client for team viewer that doesn’t require administration rights to run. Of course this is also assuming that the users is able to use their email, download and run the executable.

Step 2: When they run the program it will provide them with an ID and password. Ask them for this information.


Step 3: At your end you should download and install the team viewer program.

Step 4: Once you run TeamViewer you just pop in the ID and password from step 2 and TeamViewer should bring up the remote desktop.

Simple and effective!

If you have some people you are always providing support too, you can also permanently install TeamViewer and set it up for automatic and unattended setup. This is also handy if you want to connect to your own PC remotely for some reason.




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