Import outlook contacts into gmail

Somebody asked me yesterday whether it was possible to import their outlook contacts into Gmail. Well, the answer is, yes and here’s how.

1) Open your email in outlook.

2) Save your contacts list as a CVS file

3) Open your Gmail account

4) Import your CVS file.

Now you should have all of your contacts available on Gmail to use. I suggest that once you import your contacts into Gmail that you then use the contacts list in Gmail instead of outlook. In fact, I recommend that you just use Gmail and stop using outlook altogether. Outlook doesn’t give you the ability to sync your calendar, contacts and mail to Gmail, so unless you are happy being out of sync all the time, why not just use Gmail full-time. I found I didn’t like this idea at first, but after a while I got use to it. Also Android and iPhone handsets sync fantastically well with Gmail.

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