Fixing mythvideo missing coverart and metadata

I’ve never managed to get mythvideo to find cover art and metadata for all of my videos, but I have discovered that a lot of it has to do with the naming of your video files. So I thought I would share some tips and tricks for getting metadata and cover art to work on mythvideo.

1. Understand the file naming conventions found here –> Originally I had all of my files named in this format:


I found that the metadata script used by mythtv didn’t use the date to help isolate the video and hence there were too many videos returned from and  mythvideo didn’t know which one to choose. By removing the brackets, I found that I fixed heaps of videos immediately, as the date helped to resolve multiple returned results.

eg. would return 9 possible results.

But would only return 1.

2. Use the correct spelling – I found quite a few videos with incorrect spelling. This cause the metadata not to be found.

Eg. should be

Also watch for words spelt differently in different countries.

eg. Dont.tell.mum.the.Babysitters.Dead.1991.mp4 should be

3. Numbers are not well liked. I had heaps and heaps of trouble trying to work out these sort of filenames. I think there is a limitation with the script used in mythvideo as site resolved these fine but not mythvideo.


I found the easiest way to deal with these file names was to put the number inside a set of single quotation marks ‘ ‘. So would get the following instead.


4. Punctuation can cause issues. I found some of my files names with punctuation can fail to find metadata. The simple fix is to remove the offending punctuation.

eg. Dirty.Dancing.-.Havana.Nights.2004.avi –> Dirty.Dancing.Havana.Nights.2004.avi


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