More than 7 days mythtv Australian EPG data with Shepherd

One thing that I have found useful on mythtv is to have more than 7 days of guide data on mythtv. I always find more station advertise new shows during ad breaks at least 2 weeks before hand, so I find trying to get 14 days data into my guide much more helpful than just the standard 7 days.

First of all, this only works if you are using the shepherd scripts for your guide data.

All you need to do is to go to the directory where shepherd is install (usually ~/.shepherd) and type the following:

~/.shepherd/shepherd --component-set shepherd:days=14

You should get something like this:

shepherd v1.7.1 (linux)
Reading configuration file: /home/mythtv/.shepherd/shepherd.conf
Reading channels file: /home/mythtv/.shepherd/channels.conf
Set default options for shepherd to: --days=14

This will enable shepherd to get 14 days of data from now on. The next time shepherd runs (within 24 hours) 14 days of guide data should appear for channels that have it available. I have found that some channels don’t have 14 days of data available – so it obviously will not work for these channels. If you want something other than 14 days, just change 14 in the command to whatever you like.

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