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Fixing mythvideo missing coverart and metadata

I’ve never managed to get mythvideo to find cover art and metadata for all of my videos, but I have discovered that a lot of it has to do with the naming of your video files. So I thought I … Continue reading

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Merge multiple mp4/m4v files

Here is a simple way to merge two mp4/m4v files into one: MP4Box -cat file1 -cat file2 -new outputfile It will go off and read the video and audio for the first file and then the second and then produce … Continue reading

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DVB-T Signal test on Linux

If you want to know if you are getting a good signal strength through your DVB tuner card, this is how to test it on linux. There is a guide here, but it’s not very descriptive. I have ubuntu, so … Continue reading

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Cupz N’ Crepes Morpeth

Yummy crepes from Cupz N’ Crepes in Morpeth NSW, Australia. They were really good.     In case you are wondering where this is – here is a google map for you.

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More than 7 days mythtv Australian EPG data with Shepherd

One thing that I have found useful on mythtv is to have more than 7 days of guide data on mythtv. I always find more station advertise new shows during ad breaks at least 2 weeks before hand, so I … Continue reading

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