1 week using the iPad

I finally caved to the pressure of the latest and greatest of what technology has to offer and purchased an iPad. I have had it for about 5 days and here are my thoughts on it thus far.

The screen is a dream to look at. I found that after using for some time and then having to look at my iPhone screen that you miss the large screen immediately. Pictures and videos look terrific and browsing the web is simply a breeze. Unless of course you go to a web site that has flash or java in which case it’s difficult to use with those sites. Given that apple has sold millions of iPads and will probably sell millions more maybe website developers will start abandoning flash and java overtime – only time will tell.

The iPad definitely won’t replace me netbook at this point in time. Whilst I would prefer to use one integrated device for everything, there are just too many holes that a full windows OS covers. Eg. I run hubb networks software for stock information. This is written for windows and definitely will not run on an iPad. However given time maybe future apps will catch up and I can find an alternative. I also can’t plug USB devices into the iPad, though apparently there is an adapter for plugging in camera’s available. At the moment there is just too many things I rely upon that run on windows in order to make a complete move away from it – but maybe my view change over time.

I discovered the kids absolutely love the iPad. My niece used it to play a Thomas the Tank Engine app on weekend and she could not get enough of it. The interesting thing is that nobody real taught her how to use it. She was able to immediately understand that it all worked through touch. This shows just how versatile the touch interface really is and just how simple it is to use. However I couldn’t or wouldn’t leave the iPad alone with a child as I don’t think it’s tough enough to cope with the beatings that kids could give it. Way too expensive as a toy too. Perhaps we will see adaptions for young children in the future.

The keyboard is okay. Whilst a normal keyboard might have more tactile feedback I have noticed that you do learn to adapt to a touch screen keyboard quite quickly. In fact this article was written using the iPad through the word-press app and I think my typing is just as good as it is on normal keyboard. I have the official apple iPad case which does enable me to put the iPad on a lean and this does make typing easier.

I discovered that when I first setup my iPad that iTunes just put all of my apps that I have installed on my iphone straight unto the iPad. This was a little annoying as there are heaps of apps that didn’t really want on my iPad to begin with. However this has helped me to be able to assess applications on the iPad that would probably not have considered otherwise. I found there Serena number of apps that have the capability to run on iPad and iPhone and take advantage of the larger screen. Eg. WordPress, IMDB, Amazon.com and goggle. I have discovered some apps have specific Ipad version which is a little annoying as I had to uninstall the iPhone version and reinstall the iPad version. Eg. eBay, shazam, backgrounds and bloomberg. But there is still a heap of apps that seem to only have iPhone versions. Eg. Facebook, pay pal and Skype. These iPhone apps still run but they don’t take advantage of the larger screen and iPad capabilties. I’m hoping these will eventually have iPad specific apps in the near future too.

Reading magazines on the iPad is just like reading the real thing only better. I have the zinio app installed and I’ve subscribe to Digital camera World. This magazine usually costs me $16 Australian to buy and is 1-2 months behind by the time I receive it from the UK. Now it costs me $6 and I can get it on my iPad straight away. This is a full color magazine and it read exactly the same as the paper version. Up until now this has only been a dream and reading it off a monitor didn’t quite do it for me.

I will post more as I keep experiencing new things on my iPad.

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